Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Body by Fadi Day 2, By My Self

The morning after is always uncertain. You never know how to act or what to say.  I was outside feeding the dog when my trainer called me, "Did I scare you off? How are you feeling?" "Well, I can do basic movements, like feed the dog and brush my teeth," I answered. She tells me that I should eat a banana, stay heavy on the protein, take an ibuprofen and then she shares the secret: Alka Seltzer. I have already decided that even though I am a bit sore, I will go ahead with my plans to go for a brisk 4 mile walk and then to go swim. I have already contacted a park ranger earlier and asked if I can swim outside the buoys to see if I can possibly swim 1.2 miles.

I take out with my husband for a 4 mile walk at a local park. This is the suggestion from My Fitness Solutions: Walk for about an hour on an empty stomach. Even though it is only 9:00 in the morning, the thermometer in Georgia is beginning to drool at 83 degrees. As we walk, I name another body part that I am now aware of that hurts. How does my butt hurt? It must have been that set of crunches where I held my trainer's heels and she threw my feet to each side.  After we walk at a quick pace, the humidity bends and twists the thermometer. We finally finish as the thermometer gives in to 93 degrees. The thermometer's tongue is now hanging out and gasping for oxygen.

Next, I head home for breakfast. It is oatmeal with berries and whey protein with some decaf coffee and water. I take my regular handful of vitamins that I am convinced will keep me alive forever. Every time I tell my husband this, he exhales as though I make him tired, and I remind him that he will have to be alive forever too, so he can take care of me. He smiles. He is in it. He loves me. I keep his life interesting. Then I ask him if instead of what he had planned to do with the rest of the morning, if he will go with me and hydro-bike while I try to swim a mile at a local lake. I just need a little reassurance in case I get tired, since I am swimming without a life guard and the lake is DEEP. He starts heading toward the car. He is such support. We go and I swim for about an hour.

On the way home, we stop by the store.  I can't tell you how hungry I am! The cakes looks so tempting, I am salivating at the smells drifting out of the deli. I want to eat. The breads, oh my! It is hot! I start fantasizing about a loaf with melted butter dribbling over the top and down the sides. I pick up the Alka Seltzer in case I might need it on another day and a few other items that we need. I head home. Protein is waiting. I get through the store without getting a "quick fix."

I get home and suck down a protein shake and a grilled chicken salad. For dessert I have some watermelon. Honestly, I am feeling better. I needed the food. I made it. I won. I got through it. Battle won. My lunch fed me. I head back to the pool to meet some friends.

I spend the day in the pool, hanging out with some friends. We chat and float. We catch up. We reapply sunscreen.  They drink cold beer. I am drinking water. Just water. I am really trying to win this thing. At the end of the afternoon, I head home and eat more protein, a salad and a bit of a sweet potato. Again, watermelon for dessert. Then I fall on the sofa for an unattended nap.

When I awaken about 2 hours later, I am hurting all over. It hurts to breathe. I can't laugh without feeling like I need to call for medical attention. I try to stand to get the Alka Seltzer. I am whipped. I want to lift my arms to push myself up from the sofa. I decide it will be easier if I attempt to lean and roll up to a standing position. Got it. Ibuprofen and Alka Seltzer . . . I want the banana, but that is all the way down the stairs. I wonder if I could pay a teenager to bring it to me.

I won. I have stuck it out today. It was hard. I meet my trainer for day 3 at 11:00 tomorrow for legs. Now to get that banana.

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