Monday, June 20, 2011

Commitment, Experts, Power, Strength = Results

Commitment + Endurance.

I have been committed to the sport. I have spent a life time running down endurance.  I have chased running all over Georgia. I have run with the Marines in a marathon in Washington, DC and run with and without shoes along the coast in Florida. I have rounded corners while inhaling plumeria in Hawaii and run up snowcapped mountains in the spring near Seattle, Washington.

Now is the time to go after power and strength with the help of an expert so I can get the results that I want. It is Day 1 of a 60 day training, commitment and discipline program at My Fitness Solutions, in Duluth. I meet Rebecca Pitts, my trainer at 11:00 am. I have to admit that the appointment makes the commitment to improving my health important. I am investing in my body at 47 years old. My body is the only one I will have to get  through this life. I can avoid injury and disease at much as I possible by investing in myself.  I will increase my flexibility, strength and power. I have to invest in myself. I am my own future. Exercising is taking charge of my body. Fueling it with the better foods and pushing it so I can live life larger, better and longer.

Rebecca, my trainer

When first arriving at MFS I have Rebecca's undivided attention and expertise. She leans in and asks me questions, listens and begins to dig into the workout. Today is arms, shoulders, chest and abs. I am pushing light weights repetitively, and then moving to the floor for abs. My arms give in quickly as I push the weight and Rebecca offers her support. I am going to have to work for this. After a few repeats we move to the weight bar, front and side raises. Rebecca is adamant that I maintain correct posture, form and technique. This requires me to stay focused.

Push ups with legs crossed in the air

Day 1. Great workout. I realize that tomorrow I may not be able to hold my phone to my ear or push down on the soap dispenser to wash my hands. I worked out hard. My arms are responding.  As I am driving home, Rebecca calls and suggests that for my cardio for the evening I do the Stairmaster to continue to build strength and power. She reminds me to go heavy on the protein when I eat.

I have confidence in the program. The personal attention to my health and training is encouraging. This is refreshing as I have read a plethora of articles on how to tone arms and abs only to hit the gym and see no results of the promised physical difference. I have gotten discouraged in the past when I have worked from a point of lack of knowledge about strength training, correct form, and technique. I am seeing that I really needed the guidance of an expert if I want results.

Day 1. 59 to go. Commitment + Experts + Power + Strength = Results.

My next appmt is Wednesday @ 11:00.

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