Thursday, June 23, 2011

Body by Fadi Day 3. My Fitness Solutions

I contemplate what life will be like here in the driver seat of my car. This is where I will stay. Today was the leg workout at My Fitness Solutions. I am home from the hour workout, and now I can't get out of my car. Realizing that it is now past time for me to eat "protein" I throw both legs and feet so they land squarely on the floor of the garage in one swoop. I lean so the car door is allowed to close without effort and walk as though Frankenstein has been resurrected all the way to the backdoor. Who knew that we put a step up before you enter the backdoor? Was it here before?

I make it past the kitchen and forego the well meaning 'protein' for a bit and collapse into the recliner. Fortunately there is a big blanket left, so I wrap up. I begin to take deep breaths and realize that now rigor mortis has begun to set in. If I continue to sit then buzzards will begin to circle the house and my golden retrievers will be upset.

We work out so hard. My trainer, Rebecca keeps encouraging me as I do climbing sprints, 1, 2,3’s, and squats, “I see a muscle. It is there. Are you feeling the muscle?" I assure her that I am "feeling the muscle." I am sure that in one more set I will look like Dara Torres. Obviously, I don't yet look like Dara because Rebecca begins to tell me about the next set. I give it all that I have. I have already had a 45 minute inclined walk before I got here.

She then walks me over and introduces me to the leg machines. I was happy with the introduction and wanted to just stand there, maybe breathe and get better acquainted. I have always felt that relationships take time to develop. She insists that I move quickly and keep my heart rate up. I climb on and she explains to me the next set. I start pushing the weights with my legs that feel as though they are becoming disconnected from my body except for the one nerve that is pulsating all the way to my abs. She watches me like a first grade teacher at penmanship time. "Why are you lifting your back? Why is your stomach coming off the machine?" She stops me. She climbs on the machine and demonstrates. Then I get back on. Now that I am focusing on the foundation of doing the exercise correctly I start AGAIN.

After the workout, I do look like a professional body builder. Not because of my muscles, but I am washed down in the glisten of a workout. I look as though I have been oiled down. I feel so good, crazy good. I am feeling power. I am claiming my strength one painful workout at a time. I am getting it. Yes, it hurts but my body is responding. My trainer says she is seeing a difference. "Now you got it. We just have to keep toning," she says. I am re-energized.  My next workout is Friday morning.

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