Thursday, June 23, 2011

Body by Fadi, Day 4: All by Myself

This is a off day with a trainer. I get up early and head to my normal gym. I spend an hour just stretching and stretching. I tell myself that when I am finished I want to feel like bubble gum. I find my favorite spot . It is a hidden corner where if it is clear I like to go work out without any traffic. Usually it is the corner where a trainer takes their client. I have already staked my spot. I begin to stretch.

Soon a trainer brings over their client and they begin to workout. I am at a vantage point and get to just observe. One thing I notice is that the client is constantly on the phone and that ruins the effectiveness of the workout. Then they start working out again. She is doing squats with a medicine ball. They are standing at the end of my mat as I am stretching. I am shocked as the trainer keeps counting and the client keeps "squatting" with her knees way over her feet and her back leaning too! The trainer just keeps counting. I want to say something so badly.

Then I get to observe another trainer and client. This trainer is all talk. He is leaning on a railing and keeps chirping out a non-convincing, "Good job." He doesn't really seem engaged in the workout. He is talking the smack, but he just not attentive.

This has not been my experience with my trainer. I reluctantly-sometimes get all of her attention. She is totally focused on my form and how I am executing each rep. She doesn't hesitate to ask me to put a weight down and start again. I am nudged to,"give me another one." I have been called the morning after a workout to see how I am feeling. I have been given workouts that are determined ahead of time with my name on them. It is specifically for me! It is not cookie cutter. What works for anyone else is not necessarily what I need to achieve my fitness goals. This is what I needed. I read lots of health magazines and am smart enough to follow a program, but I couldn't get the results that I wanted.  I have also been given list of foods and supplements. I needed the experts!

At Fitness Solutions, I get treated  professionally. It is not a weight loss program or a body building program in isolation. They are really trying to meet my individual needs.  My trainer understands why I am there and we use our time. She is prepared and so am I. She is open for questions and easily gives me suggestions. She is available for me to call later. So far, I feel like I am really getting what I wanted. 56 days to go! Can I see this to the end?  Can I keep up the motivation? Will I achieve what I hope to this summer? Will I see a difference in just 60 days?

Next workout is tomorrow at 11:00!

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