Friday, June 17, 2011

Winning the Lottery

My boys won the lottery! They got gold! They rolled bank! Every morning of their lives that have gotten up and felt an invisible hand on their backs. They step out into the world knowing that their dad unconditionally supports  them. Their dad believes and buys into their dreams and then sees the vision even bigger than they first imagined.

It is has though they have lived a presidential life with the Secret Service going ahead of them and looking out for them always. Each day all of their needs, wants, and comforts have been considered before his own. He is selfless in how he supports them and me.

Although their dad has only loved them and not intended to prove anything or set any examples he has. He has actually lived the life that shows how a man loves his family. He has by his daily life lived a life that mirrors how God loves us. They have felt the security and comfort of being  loved, just like a Christian feels the comfort of resting in the steadfastness of God. He has loved them unconditionally, but is always quick to give a word of advice, encouragement and redirection.

They have learned how to have fun! Their dad has shown them! He has coached t-ball, baseball, soccer, and hockey (that was a stretch for a man who has been planted in the south). I don't recall him ever missing a game. In fact he was always early. He took weekends to go watch them play ball.  He has gotten tickets for concerts to their favorite bands and actually GONE to the show, even though the music was loud, undecipherable,  he was up way past his bed time and had to go to work the next morning. He has ridden the same rollercoaster multiple times.He has buried nickels in the backyard so my  then preschool boys would think they found buried treasure on St Patrick's Day. He has stood in lines for Power Rangers and cellphones. He has made pancakes and loaded them with all kinds of tasty ingredients. He has made brownies in the middle of the night so they can watch movies with fast cars, robots and space creatures. He has driven miles to get them to see exhibits that they have found interesting. He has supplied them with money for dances and dates. He has bought guitars and amps and computers and gadgets! He has scoured book stores and libraries to find books that support their passions.

They won! They lucked out! They hit jackpot! Happy Father's Day, Dean!

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