Saturday, June 18, 2011

Chasing a Dream

"Are you having a convention at your house?" my neighbor asked yesterday when I ran into him at Publix. "I mean, there are so many cars," he quipped with an I-know-better smile.

"Well, it is summer and that means I have lots of guests, and they are all under 30 years old,"  I answered. The rhythm of the house changes as my home is pretty much invaded with friends of my sons, ages 21 and 19. They sleep late and stay up late. They sit on the deck and play music. They leave at odd hours, when any person my age would be already in bed with the dog tucked in, a favorite book, comfy socks, tomorrow's "to do" list lying on the nightstand beside the bed, and an extra pillow to support the back.

The wonderful thing is that during the midst of this summer mayhem, I am enjoying the energy. Friends in that 18 to 25 age group still have their eye on chasing a dream and putting it in their pocket. They have few dire responsibilities, other than themselves. The world is their oyster. I am fed off their dreams and eagerness. I love that these young people are getting closer every day to grabbing that celestial hook that lifts them right up to the stars.

                                                                      Young America

A regular group of guests are members of my son's band, Young America. All of them. These are the greatest guys and gal. They have been hanging out here in a variety of assortments like cookies for years. Now they are older, organized, and going for it. Last fall they released their first CD and are taking every show they can find over the summer while school is out to showcase their talent. Lead singer Taylor Alexander just won a Texaco Country Showdown preliminary round and is headed for the next round in August. We will be there! They can't find 2 nickels to rub together between them but they are going for it. They are realizing their dream. They are nudging and rubbing elbows with what they all want. They are following their muse. They are striking it out to a main stage at Cornerstone in Chicago at the beginning of July.

NEW ALBUM )    Catherine Kimbro
This is Catherine!
Speaking of  following the muse, another guest this summer has been the next star on the horizon, Catherine Kimbro. She is running after that dream. She is a performer and songwriter that can still capture innocence and sweetness and lock you into a song. This week she is going from Atlanta to Nashville to Albuquerque, singing her heart out. It has been almost surreal watching her perform and listening to her as she speaks on radio shows.

Muscles are being developed, too! My oldest son, who already stands at an attention-demanding 6’3", is body building. He is working with Fadi Malouf at My Fitness Solution, in Duluth. He is eating egg whites, chicken and water while the rest of us have been gobbling down pizza. He is hitting the gym twice a day. It is not magic, I know, but a transformation has occurred in just 35 days. Muscles, definition and rips that weren't there while we were snuggled in over winter have emerged. T-shirts are crinkling up at the ridges in his biceps. He has a habit now of picking me up and moving me around the house. I have assured him that I am still in control.

There is also 'my Garrbear.' (that is what I call him). He has hung out over here since 7th grade. He is now in college and wants to travel and become an endodonist. I was so happy when he got his grades and came by to show me, "All A's, Miss Kim." Then of course, he took off to England to scour around and hang out. But he is back. I heard the door close this morning when he had to go to work.
                                                            Erica Grainger

Then there is my model. She is doing shoots, wearing too cute shoes, getting professionally painted  in makeup, and getting haircuts by leading stylists. She is asking questions and trying to figure out how to get into the business while she is taking statistics over the summer. She is wearing wedding dresses, funky rock clothes, and swimsuits. She is driving around to different locals for photo shoots, and having a blast. She has already appeared in TV show promos and her image adorns the sides of buses in New York. She is packing today to go play in Germany for 3 weeks.

The Americans
 Of course, I can't forget the night that my son and several of his friends went to see Ryan Bingham at the 40 Watt Club in Athens, GA. They stayed after the show and met the opening band, The Americans, a band from California. They went out to Waffle House together at 2:30 am to eat, then The Americans' lead singer asked if my son knew of a decent motel . . . "Oh come on to my house. My parents won't care. My mom is like the mom in The Blindside." All 14 of the late night muscians arrived at our house about 4 am, came in and spent the night. I am so thankful for hot n' fresh Krispy Kreme donuts when you end up with surprise guests for breakfast. (Don't worry, this only the the 2nd time he has brought home an entire band, other than his own, in the middle of the night! I met the first band that slept over, from Florida, when I came downstairs the next morning).

All this energy! All these dreams! All the vision and imagination just flows in the door during the summer like a summer breeze. They remind you to keep looking ahead. Don't stop dreaming. Keep going.  Oh the days of summer!

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  1. kim, i have a catherine kimbo sampler CD. she was standing in little kings singing her heart out one day early at our tuesday farmers market and no one was listening. i stopped in my tracks and stayed to hear her. loved her instantly. how fun!